Definitively More EfficientSM

It’s no secret that time is money. And in today’s world, efficiency is not only necessary but expected. You need a loyal workstation and battery system fighting at your side.

Definitive Technology improves workflow in these following industries:


Common Issue


The amount of time in a day that a mobile workstation has dead batteries.

The Solution

With Definitive's Uninterruptible Battery System, workstations stay in service all day.

Material Handling

Common Issue


The number of minutes it can take an employee to move goods from point A to point B in your warehouse.

The Solution

With mobile computer workstations, you can move, process & ship these goods out faster.


Common Issue


The average number of minutes to get store customers through your checkout line before they abandon their carts.

The Solution

With mobile checkout stations, you can capture more opportunities across your sales floor.

Your Leaders in Efficiency

In environments where users depend on electronic equipment to perform all the time, Definitive Technology Group has created the Uninterruptible Battery System and provides mobile workstations that make these intense workflows most efficient.

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