UBS = Uninterruptible Battery System


Many mobile power battery systems talk a good game, but with a Definitive Technology Group Uninterruptible Battery System (UBS), you will be in-service and available 24/7.

  • 100% Uptime & Availability
  • Plug-in or Swap to Charge: 2-3 Hours to 100%
  • On-Demand Extended Runtime
  • Fits Any Mobile Workstation

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Say goodbye to hot-swappable batteries of the past. Say hello to UBS.

Fuel Guage

Definitive Technology Group uses a unique interface to indicate how much longer a battery will run, from remaining runtime and backup battery state of charge.


250Wh per battery (up to 3 batteries per cart, 750Wh). A well-designed battery system will meet your runtime requirements with the lowest amount of capacity and weight.


The Uninterruptible Battery System fits any new or existing mobile workstation. It can be configured to constantly be plugged-in, run for 24+ hours straight or anything in-between.


Understanding runtime is key when evaluating your battery system requirements. A simple calculation that you should know: Runtime = Capacity (Watt-hours) / Average Load (Watts)

Recharge Time

Charging a Definitive battery for 30-minutes provides 90+ minutes of runtime, and within 3-hours, your batteries will be fully recharged.

Light Weight

While most options available to you include a large 40lb+ battery system, Definitive will help you immediately lose 35lbs from your workstation!

Safety Certifications

IEC 60601-1 3rd edition: When considering a battery system, DTG believes: LiFE battery chemistry is the only chemistry that should be used to power mobile workstations, and it should not use fans or moving parts for cooling.


Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFE) batteries are made with very stable chemical compounds.

What’s inside the most advanced battery system:

No Fans

The Definitive Uninterruptible Battery System contains no fans or moving parts – to reduce downtime, maintenance and the risk of spreading airborne substances.

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No Fire Hazards

Unlike hot-swap systems of the past, the Definitive Uninterruptible Battery System is the first modular system to use Advanced-LiFe™ – an extremely balanced chemistry that eliminates fire hazards.

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100% Uptime

Each UBS is a hybrid that can be hot-swapped and rapidly recharged in 2 hours, ensuring your mobile workstations run around the clock.

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