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In medical workflows, uptime and reliability are crucial. When your medical computer carts have dead batteries, you not only lose productivity, but you also waste vital time that could be spent with your patients.

Trusting that your equipment and staff are prepared to step in at a moment’s notice is not only expected but critical to patient care. Every second counts, and that's why Definitive Technology Group has created an Uninterruptible Battery System (UBS) for your new or existing computer on wheels (COWs/WOWs).

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What do you get when you upgrade to the only battery system you'll ever need?

100% Uptime

UBS is modular, with on-demand power, plug-in, and battery packs to ensure no downtime—ever.

Unbeatable Warranty

Enjoy a forever replacement battery warranty to keep your workflow moving.

30% Less Weight

A lighter hospital battery system means a more nimble cart that is easier to maneuver, resulting in happier users.

Retrofit Options

Uninterruptible Battery Systems can be retrofitted to any medical computer cart.

Say goodbye to hot-swap battery systems of the past. Say hello to UBS.

No Fans or Moving Parts

The Uninterruptible Battery System features no fans or moving parts—creating a quiet and hygienic system.

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No Fire Hazards

Unlike "hot-swap" battery systems of the past, Definitive Technology Group UBS are created with Safe LiFE battery chemistry that eliminates the possibility of fire.

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Total Cost of Ownership

The Definitive Uninterruptible Battery System provides an unbeatable ROI.

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Save Even More with a Certified Pre-Owned Workstation

Definitive's Certified Pre-Owned Workstation Cart will direct you wherever you go, at the times that matter most. Get up to 60% off the price of a new hospital cart, get more than double the warranty, enjoy long-term preventative maintenance, fleet management options and more. Win-win-win, right?

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