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In Caregiver workflow, up-time and reliability is crucial. When your mobile workstations have dead batteries, you not only lose productivity, but you also waste precious time that could be spent with your patients.

Trusting that your equipment and staff are prepared to step in at a moment’s notice is not only expected, but critical to patient care. Every second counts, and that's why Definitive Technology Group has created advanced battery systems for your new or existing mobile workstations (COWs/WOWs).

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The amount of time in a nurse's shift that is spent documenting their interactions with patients. With a properly configured battery system, you can focus on the patient, not on remaining run-time.


The amount of time a mobile workstation has dead batteries. With Definitive Technology's Battery Systems, your mobile workstation is available 24/7.

Why Have Others Made the Switch?

Safe & Reliable Design

Definitive combines an advanced LiFE battery chemistry with a control system that has no fans or moving parts which ultimately means high reliability and safety.

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Critical to Workflow

The Definitive Battery System can be configured to meet virtually any workflow requirement, Hot-Swap or Plug-in to charge.

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Total Cost of Ownership

The Definitive Battery System provides an unbeatable ROI.

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Invest in a Product That Changes With You

Definitive's Multipurpose Workstation Cart will direct you wherever you go, at the times that matter most.

Multipurpose Workstation Cart


Your workflow is intense. Get an Efficiency Leader.

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