Multipurpose Workstation Cart

Your workplace will change over time. Invest in a product that changes with you.

In any workplace environment, versatility is key. The ability to adapt in a moment’s notice is imperative to efficiency, and that’s where Definitive Technology comes in.

Known throughout the industry for its adaptability and resilience, Definitive Technology’s Multipurpose Workstation Cart is designed to transform with your needs, giving you the tools to maximize your productivity.

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Safety First

Definitive Technology's Battery Systems feature an extremely balanced chemistry that eliminates fire hazards.

Stay Organized

Definitive's Mobile Workstation Carts will be your primary drivers of productivity, allowing you to access all of your materials in one place.

Finally, a single battery system that can be hot-swapped or plugged in.

With Definitive Technology, you can get equipped with a single battery system that addresses any workflow. Guaranteed to keep you running without interruption, this battery system is what you've been looking for.

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Designed for industries that require all of their instruments to be ready at any given time


Teach students from classroom to classroom, without missing a beat.

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Material Handling

Increase productivity and efficiency in the warehouse, decreasing downtime.

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Improve patient interaction and document data in real-time.

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