If it's not Definitive, what is it?
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Product – Definitive Battery System


The Definitive Battery System

The most advanced mobile workstation battery ever developed.



Compatible with New Carts or Retrofit your existing fleet.


6-24+ Hour Battery Runtime    •   
Recharge in 2-Hours

Inherently Safe Battery Chemistry
Starting at its core, the Definitive Battery is the first modular system to utilize an Advanced-LiFe chemistry. Not only does Advanced-LiFe offer longer cycle life and faster charging, the chemistry is inherently safer and can be easily recycled without high cost.

Totally Fanless
This battery system was developed without the use of fans or moving parts, which improves efficiency and runtime, saves maintenance cost, and reduces the risk of spreading airborne substances while operating silently.

Hybrid: Hot Swap or Recharge
Workstations can achieve 24-hour runtime with no interruption from battery failures. Batteries can be hot-swapped and rapidly recharged and swapped in 2 hours.



Unbeatable Performance
High-capacity (250Wh per battery, 750Wh for three-battery configuration) and an industry leading warranty means unbeatable performance and unprecedented ROI.

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