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Battery Power Management – Time2Talk

Welcome to the Future of Battery Power Management

The Time2Talk Battery Management System is an interface that simplifies battery management by providing verbal cues that communicate battery status to the user. This system also monitors mobile workstation and battery usage data to provide actionable intelligence to decision makers.

The Time2Talk Battery Management System

The Time2Talk Battery Management System

Every feature is customizable to meet your needs:

  • Verbal ques to tell the user to plug-in to charge
  • Protects from over discharge when the device is parked
  • Prolongs the life of the battery by managing power consumption at all phases of use
  • Provides proactive reports so the ‘health’ of the battery is understood and managed properly
  • Reports many data-points including age, usage, current state
  • Return on Investment (ROI) TPMU is providing to show exactly how the battery is used