Anton Bauer Exits the Medical Industry—But Definitive Can Support Your Existing Cart Fleet

March 7, 2019

Author: Definitive Technology Group

On 2/18/19, Anton Bauer announced that they will exit the medical industry.

Fortunately, Definitive Technology Group is perfectly positioned to support your existing fleet of Anton Bauer ELORA battery systems for the next 12-months.


Simply upgrade to the latest in battery technology that provides a better total cost of ownership, 3-5x battery life, safe battery chemistry and up to 500Wh of capacity to run workstations from 0-24+/hrs straight—and there are no easy-to-break pins. This plan is designed to give you the opportunity to coordinate resources without compromising budget or caregiver workflow.  

Making the Switch to the Definitive Battery System is a No-Brainer

Anton Bauer Comparison Chart

With limited Anton Bauer ELORA inventory available, the time to plan is now. You cannot risk downtime or a lapse in product availability as it directly affects patient care and satisfaction. 



With more than 70 years of combined experience in healthcare, the founders of Definitive Technology Group set out to develop an advanced, safe, efficient and flexible battery system for mobile workstations.

“The Definitive Battery System is becoming the industry standard," said Patrick Ney, Co-Founder and VP at Definitive. "We took years of experience and feedback from 100’s of hospitals with mobile workstation battery problems and fixed them with this advanced battery system. From its inherently safe battery chemistry to programmable voltage outputs, the DTG battery system is simply awesome!” 

The DTG Uninterruptible Battery System literally addresses every workflow in the hospital from 0-24+hrs of runtime. Definitive is becoming the standard battery system for mobile computer workstations in hospitals and other industries. Even the biggest online retailer in the world (yes, that one) relies on DTG to power workstations to keep their fulfillment centers efficient.

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