DTG Mobile Workstations: Solving COVID-19 Challenges

July 21, 2020

Author: Definitive Technology Group

Warehouse managers around the world are faced with unique challenges in adapting their facilities and processes to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. That’s because employees are routinely working in the same space, walking by one another and sharing scanners, computers and printers. So how do you maintain productivity while promoting physical distancing in the warehouse environment? The answer is personal mobile workstations from Definitive Technology Group.

Maintain Physical Distancing

By giving employees their own mobile workstations, they no longer need to share equipment and technology with other employees which lessens the risk of spreading disease through physical contact. It also allows them to easily maintain a separation of six feet from other employees should they need to be completing a task in the same area of the warehouse.

Increase Efficiency

In some instances, companies have had to make tough decisions to furlough or layoff employees because of a decrease in business caused by the pandemic. Since mobile carts help employees be more efficient by bringing their equipment directly to trucks, pallets, computers and printers, companies can maintain and even increase productivity with fewer resources.

One Touch Order Fulfillment

With DTG’s mobile workstations, you can dramatically reduce the number of people handling a shipment. One employee can complete an entire order from picking to creating and printing a label to placing the order in a shipping carton and affixing the label.

Reduce Employee Fatigue

The outbreak of COVID-19 and adjusting to the “new normal” has been stressful for everyone. People are tired, and when people are tired, mistakes and injuries can happen. With mobile workstations, the number of steps required to complete a task is greatly reduced, creating a safer workplace and happier employees.

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