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Get Cash for Your Old Workstations

The Buy-Back Program from Definitive Technology Group will give you cash or services credit for your problematic mobile workstations—regardless of condition, quantity, make or model. 

Simply get in touch, and the Definitive team will refurbish and overhaul your computer carts to like-new condition and upgrade them to have the latest battery technology.

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Why should you opt to trade-in your equipment?


Definitive offers the most competitive price for your pre-owned cart. Plus, you can get trade-in credit to take advantage of Definitive's other mobile cart fleet services.


When you trade-in, Definitive will remove old, unused or broken equipment so you can reclaim storage space.


Instead of letting your unused workstations sit in a landfill, lower your carbon footprint by prolonging their lives.


The team at Definitive will take care of everything—from dismantling to shipment.

Looking to refurbish your workstations?

Maybe you don't need Definitive to buy your workstations back, but rather refurbish them to their former glory. Get a complete overhaul and save $1,000s in the long-run.

Refurbish & Upgrade


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