Point-of-Care Computer Cart & Arm Support

PoC Deployment & Installations

When it comes to your point-of-care (PoC) cart purchase, you could use the support necessary to make sure your equipment is ready to go upon delivery. With Definitive Technology Group, a team of certified technology specialists will provide hands-on service to ensure that every detail is addressed—from assessment to installation.

The Definitive team will manage bulk supplies and assemble your carts and wall-mounted arms correctly—with no need for an on-site staff expert and eliminating potential problems down the road. 

Deployment & Installation Serves:

  • Mobile Workstation Carts
  • Batteries
  • Wall-Mounted Arms

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What can I expect with Deployment and & Installation Service from Definitive?


Definitive will assess your existing IT infrastructure to identify risks and will then recommend the best course of action for design.

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The team at Definitive will configure your PoC products offsite so that they are ready to be used upon delivery. Get the latest Uninterruptible Battery System to keep your team productive all day without interruption.

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Remain focused on your work while Definitive takes care of the full-service, onsite installation of your PoC products—including cabling, mounting and configuring.

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Services Include:

  • Setup and configuration of carts and/or wall-mounted arms
  • Unpacking of carts, monitors, CPUs, laptops, keyboards and other accessories
  • Preparation for hardware installation
  • Customizing each integration to your facility’s hardware & wireless IT network
  • Installation of hardware
  • Adjustment of cart movements
  • Organization of cabling
  • Software installation and imaging
  • Delivery to your loading dock or service location

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