Extend Your Warranty

No more uncertainty with your workstation warranty.

Are you concerned that your workstation’s OEM warranty is about to expire? Definitive Technology Group removes all uncertainty when your workstation OEM warranty is coming to a close. Customize and extend your warranties to fit your specific needs, and budget for your mobile workstation fleet today!


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What are the benefits?

Save Money

There's no need to buy new workstations just because the OEM warranty has expired.

Operate Worry-Free

You can extend your warranties for up to 5-years

Get More Coverage

Definitive offers more coverage than warranties offered by OEMs.

Customize Your Plan

Your program will be customized to fit your needs and budget.

Enjoy Bonus Advantages

You will get access to Definitive's on-site service and support.

Refurbish & Upgrade Your Entire Fleet

Renew your entire mobile workstation fleet with Definitive Technology’s Refurbish & Upgrade program. Save $1,000s while completely overhauling your existing mobile workstations.

Refurbish & Upgrade



Sometimes, you don’t realize what you’re looking for until you find it. Contact Definitive Technology Group today to explore your options!

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