Refurbish & Upgrade

Return your existing workstations to their former glory.

Why waste the money replacing your workstations when you can get them upgraded to a like-new condition? With Definitive Technology’s Refurbish & Upgrade program, you can get a complete overhaul of your existing mobile workstations—saving you $1,000s in the long-run.


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What can Definitive do for you?

Offer New Casters

Get your carts moving just like new.

Add new paint or powder coat

Stay looking in top shape.

Replace damaged or missing parts

No need to buy a whole new workstation.

Retrain users on the newest technology

Make sure your team is up to speed.

Install the best battery system

Get the safest and most advanced system.

Upgrade to the latest computer technology

Get the latest upgrades without changing workstations.

Looking to have your entire fleet managed?

Work confidently with no downtime, ever. Definitive Technology can set up a preventative maintenance schedule, on-site repairs & more to help you keep your workstations in check.

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Sometimes, you don’t realize what you’re looking for until you find it. Contact Definitive Technology Group today to explore your options!

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