Manage My Cart Fleet

Assistance where you need it, when you need it.

When your mobile workstation temporarily goes out of service, time gets wasted. Let Definitive Technology Group manage your entire mobile cart fleet, guaranteeing you won’t experience any downtime, ever. Offering training for new staff and on-site repairs—in addition to a Preventative Maintenance Schedule and planned monthly operating expense—Definitive Technology will get your fleet running to maximum productivity.


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3 Steps to an Effective Fleet

  1. Cart Health Assessment
    To ensure your cart performs at its highest efficiency possible, Definitive’s engineers evaluate and test each component, then document any broken or worn item and provide a quote to return the fleet to operational condition.
  2. Resuscitation
    Based on the Health Assessment diagnosis, the technicians will conduct on-site repairs and unit cleanings to get your cart health back to 100%.
  3. Total Fleet Management
    Rely on Definitive Technology Group to repair and maintain your mobile workstation fleet where you need it, when you need it.

With Definitive Technology Group, you can be sure your mobile workstation fleet will continue to work at maximum efficiency. Whether you're in need of repairs or simply require unit cleanings, you can turn to the team at Definitive.

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