Are your mobile carts or wall-mounted arms in need of repair? Out of manufacturer’s warranty? Difficult and costly for you to maintain? Then you need TotalCare, Definitive Technology Group’s preventative maintenance program. No matter what make or model workstation you have, with TotalCare, you’ll maximize your initial cart investment and have 100% uptime and productivity.

Plus, you can save thousands and even millions of dollars with service from DTG. We saved a New Jersey hospital $2.4 million through an initial fleet refurbishment and then saved them another $3.6 million through our TotalCare program which eliminated the need to purchase new carts when it would have been necessary to replace them.

DTG's TotalCare Program Maintains:

  • Battery Systems
  • Mobile Workstations
  • Wall-Mounted Arms

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3 Steps to an Effective Fleet

  1. Repair
    Whether your cart is out of warranty or you need a repair that's partially covered under warranty, Definitive Technology Group is ready to help.
  2. Preventative Maintenance
    DTG's certified technicians will schedule regular preventative maintenance so you'll never have to worry about it again.
  3. Spare Workstations
    When you sign up for TotalCare, you'll receive spare mobile workstations so if one has to come out of service temporarily, you and your team won't be affected.

With Definitive Technology Group, you can be sure your mobile workstation fleet and wall-mounted arms will continue to work at maximum efficiency. With an extensive parts inventory and a team of expert technicians that are factory-trained by the OEM, you will never have to worry about the state of your workstation carts again.

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Additional Benefits:

On-Site Visits

Annual on-site visits to ensure your mobile workstations are operating at peak performance.

Detailed Inspections

Comprehensive inspection of your cart, including the upper cart, lower cart and power system.

Service Report

Detailed report at the end of your service to document maintenance and repair work completed.

30-Day Warranty

Repairs are covered by a 30-day warranty, beginning on the last day of your on-site service.

Expert Technicians

The TotalCare team is fully trained by DTG and OEM’s and Preventative Care Certified so you can trust repairs are done right the first time.


Definitive Technology Group is committed to providing superior service so your team will stay in contact to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


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