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Solution – Retail

think Efficiency

Your top producers aren’t always people.
They’re these systems, and boy,
can they produce profit.

A single battery power mobile workstation can mobilize your retail stores with associate-facing technology that drives efficiency and captures revenue. Below, we’ll shine a light on five of the many areas where you can PRODUCE PROFIT in your operation by using Definitive Technology Group mobile workstations.


There’s Revenue Hiding All Over Your Retail Space


Retail POS System
Hiding Spot #1

The Checkout Line

Definitive Technology Group has developed a workstation solution which allows retailers to increase the number of temporary cash registers during regular business or special events – improving throughput, and capturing sales on everything that’s in their customers’ shopping carts.


Mobile POS System
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Online Order Fulfillment

The faster your Sales Associates can complete a transaction, the better. As most retail spaces shift from strictly Point Of Sale to include online fulfillment, processes must change – and Definitive workstations are the way to do it. In fact, a myriad of retailers are using these “Virtual Sales Associates” to more than double the number of online orders fulfilled per shift.1

Point of Sale Solution
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Markdowns & Inventory Count

In larger retail operations, Sales Associates dread markdowns, relabeling and physical inventory counts. Often times, they take too long, and are hindered by scanner or printer issues – namely, battery failures from not being charged during the overnight. Definitive mobile workstations can be configured with hot-swappable batteries so that your system, and your team, can work 24/7 if need be.

POS Machine
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Your Store Manager

When your Store Managers exit the sales floor, it can have a negative impact on every part of the operation. Borrowing from concepts it has proven in the healthcare space, Definitive Technology Group offers a retail workstation which can include a computer and monitor – giving your Store Managers the ability to perform managerial and office tasks without having to exit the sales floor.

Retail Point of Sale Equipment
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Retail VIP Programs

To seize more opportunities, retailers are using Definitive POS workstations to create dedicated or temporary VIP areas – complete with real-time technology and full transactional capabilities. By combining store computers with the workstations, many retailers are pulling up customer profile data to offer matching accessories or related products when that customer enters their VIP area.


The Bottom Line
Definitive retail workstations can
PRODUCE PROFIT that generates full ROI
in less than 6 months in most cases.2

1,2 Definitive Technology Group customer study, 2017



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